Fastest Vehicle Processing Speed

With our patented “Lift & Run” technology we move on all three axis, making us the industry leader in automotive throughput.

Mobile & Touchless User Interface

Initiate the process through a NFC, FOB or mobile app. Users keep their keys in this touchless process, making for premium valet experience

EV Charging Stations Standard

All Robotic Parking Systems can be equipped with EV changing stations as required by the developer, these can easily be added in at a later date.

No Type of Vehicle is Off Limits

Heavy weight or low profile, our pallet technology allows us to handle vehicles the competition does not.

First and Last Impressions Count

with a Robotic System the arrival and departure plaza can be easily blended in the overall architectural theme of the development.

Create New Land

in this case study, Robotic Parking gains 4.5 acres of new downtown land.


Robotic Parking Systems Projects

New Palace of Justice, Kuwait

Number of Spaces: 2433

Al Jahra Court, Kuwait

Number of Spaces: 2314
Footprint: 328 ft x 168 ft
Height: 115 ft

Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, UAE

Number of Spaces: 765
Footprint: 276 ft x 98 ft
Height: 57 ft

Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, UAE

Number of Spaces: 1191
Footprint: 320 ft x 120 ft
Height: 72 ft

Hoboken, New Jersey

Number of Spaces: 314
Footprint: 100 ft x 100 ft
Height: 56 ft

Pinellas Park, Florida

Number of Spaces: 114
Footprint: 97 ft 2 in x 72 ft
Height: 32 ft 5 in

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Robotic Parking System Solutions

Robotic Parking Systems Inc. has built the largest and fastest automated parking garages in the world. As the original US manufacturer, we designed extreme reliability and redundancy into every aspect of the automatic parking. A Robotic Parking System is more economical, greener and safer than any other urban method of parking.